Adding Peers

The steps to follow to add a peer to the Fabric Operations console are:

  • Export peer to JSON format
  • Enter the Fabric Operations Console UI
  • Go to Nodes
  • Click on Import Peer
  • Select the JSON from the file system
  • Click on Add Peer

Export peer to JSON#

export PEER_NAME=xxxxx
export PEER_NS=default
kubectl hlf fop export peer --name=$PEER_NAME --namespace=$PEER_NS --out="${PEER_NAME}_${PEER_NS}.json"

Enter the Fabric Operations Console UI#

Open a browser and navigate to the URL you configured when creating the Fabric Operations Console.

Go to Nodes#

Click on Nodes at the sidenav to see the Peers, Certificate Authorities and Ordering Services


Click on Import Peer#

Click on Import Peer to open the dialog to import the peer.


Select the JSON from the file system#

Click on Add file and select the JSON file you exported from the step Export peer to JSON.


Click on Add Peer#

The last step is to click on Add Peer and the peer will be imported to the console.