Getting started

Deploying Operations Console#

This guide intends to showcase the installation of Fabric Operations Console.

How to deploy the Fabric Operations console#


Since the Fabric Operations Console connects directly with the peers/orderers and CAs, the console needs to be served via HTTPS.

Make sure you use cert-manager to generate the certificates and then specify the generated secret while creating the Fabric Operations Console.

Generate a certificate for TLS#

This step is critical since the Operations Console need a secure communication in order to connect with the CAs, Peers and Orderer nodes

export CONSOLE_PASSWORD="admin"
export TLS_SECRET_NAME="console-operator-tls"
kubectl hlf console create --name=console --namespace=default --version="latest" --image="" \
--admin-user="admin" --admin-pwd="$CONSOLE_PASSWORD" --tls-secret-name="$TLS_SECRET_NAME"