LevelDB / CouchDB


Once you set the state database of the peer, you cannot change it since the structure is different between using LevelDB and CouchDB you can find more information in the official HLF docs

Configuring LevelDB#

In order to configure LevelDB, you need to set the following property in the CRD(Custom resource definition) of the peer:

stateDb: leveldb

Configuring CouchDB#

You can configure the world state to be CouchDB by setting the property stateDb in the CRD of the peer:

stateDb: couchdb

And then you can configure also the username and password:

externalCouchDB: null
password: couchdb
user: couchdb

If you want to configure a custom image for CouchDB, you can set the image, tag, and pullPolicy properties under the couchdb property:

image: couchdb
pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
tag: 3.1.1
user: couchdb
password: couchdb

If you wish to use an external CouchDB instance, check this page