Lab Name

Telecom Decentralized Identities Network

Short Description

TDIDN develops a decentralized identity and smart contract system for telecom. It focuses on DID-based authentication, privacy control, and efficient solutions for blacklist management, SLAs, and billing using CDRs.

Scope of Lab

The TDIDN project aims to develop a comprehensive decentralized identity and smart contract ecosystem tailored for the telecom industry. It leverages Hyperledger technologies to provide a secure, transparent, and efficient solution to various telecom-related challenges. The following outlines the scope of the lab for the TDIDN project:

  • Smart Contract Development and Integration: Smart contracts play a crucial role in TDIDN’s use-cases. The lab will develop and integrate smart contracts, allowing for the implementation of functionalities like managing blacklist devices, enforcing service-level agreements (SLAs), and handling billing based on Call Detail Records (CDRs’).
  • Identity Authentication and Verification: The lab will work on the development and integration of mechanisms for using decentralized identities (DID) as a secure and user-friendly authentication method. This includes replacing traditional authentication methods like usernames, passwords, and OTPs with DIDs.
  • Selective Disclosure and Privacy Control: The lab will focus on implementing selective disclosure features, enabling users to control the release of their personal data to third parties in a privacy-preserving manner. This is crucial for telecom scenarios where user data needs to be shared selectively for identity verification and service provisioning.

Initial Committers


  • - Chair of the Telecom SIG workgroup

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