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Model a sample CBDC in TTF and implement in Besu

Scope of Lab

Model a sample CBDC (eThaler) in TTF (Token Taxonomy Framework) and implement as EIP 1155 or EIP 20 in Besu. A fiat token will remove one of the major hurdles for any transfer of value network, a fundamental requirement for frictionless digital capital markets. The initial plan is to come out with a PoC as soon as possible (within 6 weeks). Implement eThaler as a wholesale token. Further work may be needed to transition into a retail token. Gap analysis and a design review will be conducted before wholescale work starts, so the design can transition easily into a retail token.

Use the composable TTF token model and produce a eThaler definition in JSON. Use the eThaler definition to create all artifacts using available TTF tooling. Implement the interfaces and other properties in Besu using an implementation standard of EIP 1155 or EIP 20.

Initial Committers - Peter Somogyvari Accenture - Kelly Cotton Educator - - Mani Pillai Swapshub


  • - Chair of the Identity workgroup

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