Lab Name

Proof of Elapsed Time 2

Short Description

The Proof of Elapsed Time 2 (PoET2) is an experimental new protocol for Consensus based on PoET. The PoET2 Consensus method offers a solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem that utilizes a “trusted execution environment”.

The PoET2 Consensus protocol differs from current Hyperledger Sawtooth PoET. The new protocol is designed to work independent of secure timer and monotonic counters set inside Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX). The secure timers and monotonic counters rely on SGX Platform Services to access these services from the system hardware.

Scope of Lab

The project provides a reference implementation that is based on a generic distributed ledger infrastructure (Hyperledger Sawtooth) and Intel® SGX. This will also act as a framework for enabling fair leader election algorithm (Proof of Elapsed Time) to the other distributed ledger infrastructure under the Hyperledger umbrella and/or for other blockchain infrastructure.

Initial Committers



Dan Middleton ( - a TSC member

Pre-existing repository

The PoET2 implementation consumes part of the existing Hyperledger Sawtooth PoET repository at We plan to complete the upload of the PoET2 in parts, by following the PR process.