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GUI based executable application that allows Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) configuration blocks to be viewed and updated transactions created for channel configuration, adding new organizations, and generating crypto material.

Scope of Lab

_Updating a Hyperledger Fabric network configuration and adding/updating organizations requires a configuration block to be defined, signed and then executed as an update config transaction. Doing this manually with CLI tools can be complex and cumbersome.

Byantine-config provides an executable GUI application that greatly simplifies updating and adding Organizations. It essentially automates the manual process using the CLI tools crytpogen and configtxlator. Users can connect to a HLF network, current configuration will be displayed, which can then be edited or new organziatons added. Also, crypto material for new organizations will be generated. A correctly formated update transaction protocol buffer file, will be produce that can then be executed as an update transaction in order to update the network._

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  • Arnaud Le Hors

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