Lab Name

Donor Milk Transparency and Traceability

Short Description

This lab hold the code base for a blockchain build focused on solving market problems identified in the donor milk ecosystem.

There is currently a major donor milk shortage. This has particular impact in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where formula can have fatal impact on premature baby’s intestines, leaving human milk to be the only viable option. At a global scale donor milk fraud, lack of traceability, and availability are known issues. While there are smaller entities engaging in the space, there is no large-scale breast milk providers and there is opportunity to expand participation from donors and accessibility for babies in need.

Business case for this use case can be found here:

Scope of Lab

The scope of the lab is to develop a proof of concept (POC) for a blockchain-based solution in the known challenges in the donor milk ecosystem. As the Hyperledger Project aims to “build community by gathering people sharing a common interest in developing blockchain related software,” this lab aligns with that goal. We have brought together a group of industry subject matter experts who are looking to collaboratively build out requirements and code to solve true market problems. Engaging the Hyperledger developer community will also provide a way to engage the business and technical sides of the Hyperledger community on a single effort.

Initial Committers

This list will grow with time:

Dr. Angela Courtney - acourtney2015e

Marissa Iannarone - MariLeigh


Nate DiNiro: - Healthcare Working Group Chair email:

Pre-existing repository

We do not have a pre-existing repository