Lab Name

University Course Fabric

Short Description

Build a university course on Hyperledger technologies, with emphasis on Hyperledger Fabric.

Scope of Lab

A growing part of our community is our partnership with academia. Hyperledger Fabric and other Hyperledger projects are being incorporated in to research and education in universities more and more all over the world. Hyperledger can aid the growth by preparing study materials, sample lab experiments and quizzes and tests that teach computer science students about distributed systems and consensus algorithms and cryptography. Hyperledger Umbra has streamlined the process of setting up a full Hyperledger Fabric network running on a single computer. It provides an ideal environment for students to learn Hyperledger Fabric administration as well as use it for running lab experiments and learning exercises, so it will be leveraged to teach advanced topics on Hyperledger Fabric. This project is focused on producing a “classroom-in-a-box” for an introductory computer science course on distributed systems and algorithms that can be offered to universities that wish to use Hyperledger Fabric in their curriculum.

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