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The Cordentity app integrates Indy capabilities into the Corda platform.

While Corda is designed for developing decentralized applications to manage complex inter-organizational workflows, Indy is the leading open-source platform for self sovereign identity. This integration enables the development of decentralized applications on R3’s blockchain for business while utilizing the self-sovereign identity capabilities of Indy.

Scope of Lab

Cordentity is a self-contained CorDapp that integrates Hyperledger Indy, for decentralized identity, with the R3 Corda Platform. This lab creates interoperability of two purpose-built ledger technologies, each with a focus on privacy. Corda is designed to enable private transact and Indy is a ledger built specifically for self-sovereign identity. The integrated platforms extend each other and allow to build comprehensive end-to-end scenarios.

It is often required to prove identity assertions without necessarily wanting to reveal the underlying data. For example, an individual may need to prove that they are of a certain age without wanting to disclose their actual date of birth. Hyperledger Indy uses zero knowledge proofs to enable this functionality, allowing someone prove a statement is true while preserving confidentiality.

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  • - Dan Middleton ( - Hyperledger TSC Chair

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