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Ease endorsement operations for Hyperledger Fabric. In other words, provide easy ways to read/modify endorsement policies for Hyperledger Fabric systems.

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Endorsement policy controls the approval of a proposal to be executed at various granular levels. In other words, this is the primary entity which is validated before a transaction is committed. Endorsement policy can operate at two different granularities:

Namespace level: They can be set for the whole namespace. This is the default approach in which endorsement policies are specified in the chaincode definition, which is agreed to by channel members and then committed to a channel

Individual key level: They can be set for individual state keys called private data collections. You can also specify an endorsement policy at the private data collection level, which would override the chaincode level endorsement policy for any keys in the private data collection. This would further restrict which organizations can write to a private data collection.

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Also support other projects under Hyperledger projects umbrella


Vipin Bharathan - Chair of the Identity Working Group

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This is an extention project from hyperledger mentorship program 2020.

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