Lab Name

Fabric Operations Console

Short Description

Hyperledger Fabric Operations Console code used in the IBM Blockchain Platform Offering.

Scope of Lab

Hyperledger Fabric Operations Console used in the IBM Blockchain Platform Offering.

The console provides the following high level function:

  • Ability to import and manage all Hyperledger Fabric Components from a single web console, no matter where they are located.
  • Maintain complete control over identities, channels, and smart contracts.
  • Join Peers to Channels and view channel membership as well as individual transactions and channel details.
  • Register, view, delete, and re-enroll CA Users.
  • View Ordering cluster and node information as well as view and modify consortium and channel membership.
  • View and modify channel capabilites and ordering service parameters.
  • Install and Instantiate chaincode. Supports both 1.x and 2.x Lifecycle.
  • View, Create, Import and Export Organizations and Identities.
  • Role Based Access Control in UI to tightly control which Console users can perform which operations.

The console relies on GRPC web to allow GRPC based communication with Orderers and Peers via Node.js. Management of Certificate Authorities is done via REST API and does not require a GRPC Web Instance.

For more Information see the documentation for the current IBM production offerings which are driven by the code in this Lab proposal.

Initial Committers

Enter the Github IDs for the set of initial committers.


Provide the name of your sponsor. A sponsor is required and must be a maintainer of one of the Hyperledger projects, a TSC member, or a WG chair.

  • Dave Enyeart - Hyperledger TSC Member

    Pre-existing repository