Lab Name

Inter Carrier Settlements

Short Description

Telecom network operators worldwide open their networks to each other to enable their mutual customers to communicate across network boundaries. This practice, known as “Interconnect,” is being used among national and international operators for fixed, mobile, and Internet services. Network operators cross-charge each other for the interconnect services they offer each other’s customers. It is done through invoicing/billing and settlements.

Blockchain-based Inter Carrier Settlements code base will help telecommunication service providers to settle cross-charging payments efficiently and quickly by reducing friction and removing intermediaries.

Scope of Lab

The scope of the lab is to develop a proof of concept (POC) and framework for a blockchain-based Inter Carrier Settlements solution in the known challenges between Telecom network operators. Hyperledger does not require public miners because of the inbuilt Orderer that handles the consensus, hence there is no concept of cryptocurrency in the permissioned blockchain making it suitable to comply with regulatory bodies across geographies. We have brought together a group of industry subject matter experts who are looking to collaboratively build out requirements and code to solve Telecom Operators problems. Engaging the Hyperledger Telecom SIG community will also provide a way to engage the business and technical sides of the Hyperledger community on a single effort.

Initial Committers


Vipin Bharathan: - Identity WG chair email

Pre-existing repository

We do not have a pre-existing repository