Lab Name

Enter the name of your lab here. Change line 3 of this file to reflect the short name of your project. Change line 4 to read: “parent: Labs”

Short Description

Provide a short description of your lab. This will be used for the Github repository’s description.

Scope of Lab

Enter the scope of the lab. This should include enough information to allow the Lab stewards to understand how it fits within Hyperledger’s mission.

Initial Committers

Enter the Github IDs for the set of initial committers.



Provide the name of your sponsor. A sponsor is optional, but the sponsor must be a maintainer of one of the Hyperledger projects, a TOC member, or a WG chair. Read about sponsors’ duty in Section 3, Labs proposal.

  • or Name ( - Role (e.g., "Chair of the XXX workgroup")

Pre-existing repository

If you currently have a Github repository that you wish to transfer to the Hyperledger Labs organization, please provide a link here. NOTE: Please refer to the README for additional information on existing repositories.