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Lab Name

Fabric Multi Channel Network Samples

Short Description

This lab provides samples for multi channel network using Hyperledger Fabric.

Directory Info

  • bin : The built binaries, after scripts/, which needed to run for the first time.
  • chaincode : Chaincodes for the samples.
  • multi-channel-network : The first sample based on ‘BYFN’ in ‘fabric-samples’ repo.
  • fabric-ca : The second sample based on ‘fabric-ca’ in ‘fabric-samples’ repo.

Scope of Lab

This lab is based on Build Your First Network.

After the tutorial, a Fabric beginner may want to find out multi channel network samples, and these are the samples. Currently, There are two multi-channel-network samples from ‘byfn’ and ‘fabric-ca’ both are based on ‘fabric-samples’ repo.

We will update more samples.

Initial Committers

  • (maintainer)


  • (Christopher Ferris)

Pre-existing repository