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Automated Gateways is a secure solution which can make Contract-Call interoperability happen between Hyperledger Fabric networks with minimal efforts.

Scope of Lab

By utilizing three smart contracts as the foundation of authentication and authorization, the Automated Gateways module provides a simple and secure method for Hyperledger Fabric networks to exchange services and data. When a user integrates this module into their code and deploys three predetermined smart contracts, they can grant access to their services to other Hyperledger Fabric networks. Moreover, they can access services from smart contracts deployed on other Hyperledger Fabric networks. Through this method, various Hyperledger Fabric networks can connect and utilize each other’s services.

The module offers users both an API and a CLI. With these tools, users can grant access to their services to other blockchains and invoke services on external blockchains.

This contract-calls interoperability enhances the connectivity of Hyperledger Fabric, reduces the need for reading extensive documentation and protocols from third-party solutions to link different blockchains, and ultimately minimizes service redundancy within the Hyperledger Fabric community.

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** This project is developed and maintained by TCDT Lab of the University of Manitoba

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