Learning Tokens

Short Description

Learning Tokens is a mechanism that uses the composable Interwork Alliance Token Taxonomy Framework (IWA TTF) to produce a Learning Token as a positive reinforcer that recognizes, registers, and rewards community engagement in collective learning and also certifies skills acquisition and competencies.

Scope of Lab

Hyperledger mission is to drive broad technology adoption and boost an ecosystem of solution providers delivering production solutions. Our project provides a mechanism for learning communities to recognize, register and reward individuals’ engagement and certify the acquisition of new skills and competencies using IWA TTF.

As we know, Communities benefit from collaboration. Beyond independent work, interacting with others capitalizes on everybody’s resources and skills, that way it is possible for individuals to achieve higher levels of learning when knowledge grows in a collective way.

With IWA TTF, we shall define common token concepts with our requirements and particular behaviors, linking their base Token Classification Hierarchy with our Taxonomy of DLT/Blockchain Educational Opportunities as initial metadata for standard artifacts and control message descriptions.

There are robust foundations for this project. Hyperledger and Global Blockchain Business Association, GBBA, are Launch Associate Members of the Interwork Alliance, IWA. Digital currencies and NFT open-source repositories are available. We shall take advantage of eThaler, the ongoing work of NEFERTI, and the IWA Github repositories for artifacts.

The goal is to build an open-source infrastructure where communities can engage, create and contribute the asset value of collective knowledge through four possible roles and sets of activities:

  • Learners: They study, consult, understand, absorb, ask questions, find their way, try new things, share knowledge, teach others and learn about learning.

  • Educators: They create content to facilitate, teach, tutor, guide, set objectives, give purpose, listen, reflect and explore new tools for teaching.

  • Curators: They oversee the collection of learning resources, select topics, evaluate content, find, filter, collect, organize and mix materials for teaching and learning.

  • Maintainers: They ensure the means of operation, track work in progress, inspect, conserve, repair, fix, maintain, follow up, document and communicate.

Through this synergy, we shall address a marketplace infrastructure where we connect learners, educators, and curators. But also, it shall build a repository of interactions for maintainers to facilitate, keep, evaluate, and support. Whereas community stakeholders create collective knowledge, trusted educators certify learning skills and advanced competencies using Learning Tokens. These Learning Tokens shall be integrated into personal profiles, recognizing engagement and certified achievements of individuals, which will become valuable for the community of issuers, holders, and potential verifiers such as employers, investors, or sponsors.

Initially, our Learning Token will be a unit of account and store of value for collective knowledge. As the community grows its services, it might become a medium of exchange to retribute rendered services. Our Learning Tokens’ mechanism will become fundamental KPIs for collective learning.

Initial Committers




https://github.com/vipinsun - Chair of the Capital Markets Special Interest Group and the Identity Working Group

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