Lab Name

Mosaique Decentralized Workflows

Short Description

Mosaique provides an approach to build decentralized workflows for permissioned blockchain applications. Mosaique has built-in governance workflows using mosaique itself. The systems uses state machines for the workflow logic and json templates to make those state machines data-driven. The goal is to allow non-programmers develop and analyze their decentralized workflows and to deploy without having to change smart contract code.

Scope of Lab

The scope of Mosaique is to provide several useful features to blockchain projects.

  • To develop an enterprise-grade component that can be included in other blockchain projects to facilitate business workflows.
  • To provide decentralized governance out-of-the-box for blockchain applications.
  • To give stakeholders the ability to design or modify workflows using visual tools.
  • To provide data-driven workflows that do not require the development, installation, and approval of chaincode to implement.
  • To allow for approval of new workflows and changes by visual inspection instead of code auditing.

Initial Committers


John Carpenter - Co-Chair of the Hyperledger Learning Materials Development Working Group