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Short Description

Ethercluster is an open-source design specification for building scalable blockchain infrastructure using the latest infra-as-code tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker containers. The Ethercluster project is seen as an open-source alternative to using Infura by having control over a cluster of nodes that can serve as part of the developers decentralized-application architecture strategy. Website for Ethercluster is: Documentation for running custom Ethercluster:

Scope of Lab

Scope of the Lab is on the cloud devops infrastructure level of scaling blockchain nodes. Imagine having a scalable Kubernetes design specifications for Hyperledger Besu nodes, each running a separate network and running in multiple zones. Scope can also be for generating scalable Proof-of-Stake node architecture that can scale as a user wants to stake on more nodes.

Initial Committers



  • - Vipin Bharathan ( - Founder of

Pre-existing repository

  • Design specs:
  • Docs:
  • Demo-Site:
  • Terraform designs:

My main future goal with the design specs is to make a command-line application in golang that can auto-generate both the Terraform cloud design specs for ethercluster and then deploy Kubernetes architecture of Ethercluster inside those instances.