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Fabric Channeled Add-ons Gen

Short Description

fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen is an open-source generator for Hyperledger Fabric add-on apps in dedicated channels. Inspired by the increasing utilization of browser extensions, fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen provides a solution for deploying user-managed applications on different Hyperledger Fabric channels in the UX form of add-ons.

Scope of Lab

State-of-the-art blockchains use simple user interfaces for wallet functionalities as browser extensions. In this context, fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen provides the sufficient environment for easily deploying new applications in the form of browser add-ons on different Hyperledger Fabric channels along with user management backing. The following attributes pertain to the utility of the generator:

  • User management: fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen offers user management governance by generating dedicated accounts per organization per deployed channel. Fabric admins employ the user management feature to govern the credential sharing for end-users per add-on app generated.

  • Add-on: fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen is provided in the context of generating browser add-on apps with business intelligence on dedicated Hyperledger Fabric channels. Backing browser interoperability for Fabric networks facilitates end-user interaction and experience.

  • Privacy: fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen supports automatic deployment of apps in dedicated Hyperledger Fabric channels. Managing private ledger data and its flows is enabled as each add-on app is deployed for a separate channel. Also, bulk deployment of add-on applications is facilitated by the generator.

fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen eases the process of managing end-users of Hyperledger Fabric dApps organizing them in dedicated channels. The adopters of the generator are able to deploy with ease their new app in a separate channel with end-user credentials configured. Contributors on fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen can bring their own business intelligence or browser support, and extend the generator beyond the initial release that consists of the asset-transfer-basic workflow.

fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen provides flexible configuration and deployment of add-on applications in separate Fabric channels by automating:

  • User management
  • Deployment as browser add-on
  • Data privacy through channels

fabric-channeled-add-ons-gen is an open-source generator, suitable for Hyperledger Fabric networks, where the applications are deployed as add-ons for a separate channel with easy user management in mind. Special thanks to contributors:

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