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Lab Name


Short Description

This lab is to make running Hyperledger distributed ledgers under the Shadow simulator possible. It began as a research internship during the summer of 2018 and seeks to provide a tool for doing research on consensus algorithms, smart contracts, scaling and other blockchain related research topics.

Logo is a tesseract

Scope of Lab

The scope is to make modifications to Shadow as well as to construct Shadow plugins for Hyperledger distributed ledgers so that they can run under simulation in a lab environment.

Shadow emulates the kernel interface to allow it to run unmodified binaries to intercept threading, network, and memory system calls allowing it to measure the behavior and performance of the binary in a repeatable way. It is able to simulate networks of machines, each running processes that can talk to each other through the simulated network. This makes Shadow a very useful tool for researching distributed systems behavior and performance. This lab is intended to be an ongoing project to provide a research tool for understanding and improving the Hyperledger blockchain platforms as well as for conducting future research in consensus algorithms and scalability.

I do not see this lab ever graduating into incubation as it is not intended to be a shipping product but rather an ongoing collaboration between academic, corporate, and hobbyist researchers improving upon existing capabilities and also trying new things with our blockchains. I anticipate that we will maintain the plugins for each of the Hyperledger blockchains as well as any experiment-specific configurations and code.

Initial Committers

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  • mwagner at redhat dot com - Mark Wagner

Pre-existing repository