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CO2 emissions accounting calculations using Hyperledger Fabric

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In recent years, consumers, businesses, and investors have become increasingly aware of climate change and are looking for positive action to stop it. For these initiatives to succeed, multiple parties including institutional investors, major corporations, supply chain partners, environmentalist groups, government regulators, and the general public must now work together, sometimes for the first time. This new collaboration in turn requires exchanging data and building trust across traditional boundaries.

We are looking to use blockchain technology, such as Hyperledger Fabric, to create collaboration on CO2 emissions and climate change by creating an open source framework for accounting for CO2 emissions. We believe Hyperledger Fabric could help automate data gathering at scale, maintain audit trails where no central authorities exist, and build trust through transparency and open source.

For more details, see Carbon Accounting and Certification Working Group

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  • Artem Barger ( - Hyperledger Fabric maintainer

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